Day 10

Sat 27th April.
Wasting time in Paris.

After an early start, due to my host going to work, I was out on the bike and for the first time in Paris had NOWHERE to stay that night. I cycled back into the city, got some breakfast at a café, did some writing, then got out.
I spent the whole day going from place trying to get wi-fi to get a room, going to the hostel I knew which was full. Paris is governed by one way systems, which make riding there hell. Let alone the few cycle lanes you get people completely ignore. One road in particular was awful and I found myself there several times over.

My opinion of Paris dropped completely. If I was walking, had a place to stay and an agenda, it would’ve been different. I managed to get a nice spot of lunch in by a canal, but could do anything I wanted as I had a fully loaded bike in city notorious for theft and criminal activity. By about 5 o’clock I found a hostel, coughed up, stowed the bike and my stuff away, then got away on the subway to meet some family friends that lived there. The only reason I had stayed that day.
We met at the Champes Elysees, had coffee and caught up. Rosemary and Bernard. I hadn’t seen them in about 10 years I think, that was really pleasant nice. Then I was alone again.

I got back to the hostel, met two girls that were in the room I was staying in and we walked up Montmarte, for a nice view of the city at night.
Even up there parasites were trying to sell us crap we didn’t want (flying lights on propellers) and beer. It was sad, but I couldn’t blame these guys for trying to make a living.
The girls were good company. One from Mexico and 18 year-old living in France, the other a 22 year-old American living in Ireland studying illustration.
We went for a beer in a bar nearby and got down for the night after realising the time.

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