Day 11

Sun 28th April.
Leaving Paris (finally).

This city had been tough, expensive, unrewarding and unpleasant. I was glad to be leaving, but even this was a task in itself, the city throwing up many obstacles before letting me leave.

One of the benefits I did get from Paris was a gas burner, so I could finally cook, rather then eating canned fish cold, with bread on the side, as I had for the first two nights.
Just as I had swam through crap to get in, I had to swim through miles of crap to get back out, but when I did it was glorious, I felt free and like I could finally get on with the trip, burden-free.
I didn’t get as far as I wanted, but I managed to get into a wood about 30km south west of the outskirts. I decided tonight I would camp in the wild, if not now then I might never do it, costs would rise and the trip would shorten.
I found a wood with a gravel path going through it, I crept past a house, dismantled my bags, hiked through branches, grass and nettles and found a spot.
I set up camp, cooked for the first time and took in the surroundings. It was a nice spot, lots of trees providing shelter and fresh air and green grass all around.

Just before getting down to sleep, I heard a rummaging nearby, I thought the worst, dogs, I’d been snuffed. When I looked, I saw two deer. They saw me and freaked out, then realised I wasn’t a threat and went about their business. After that I saw an owl, the second time in my life I’d seen one in the wild. Secretive creatures.

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