Day 14

Wed 1st May.
Rain and Tours.

After a shaky night’s sleep, I get packed up and got moving. The there was a threat of rain, it held off for about 15 minutes, then began. That light rain that at first seems un-threatening, but then does a good job of giving everything a cold soak after a while. I continued, got lost, dragged everything through a wet and muddy field and carried on.

I remember knowing it was a national holiday (or bank holiday) as my last host had mentioned advised that I planned for it, the third since I’d arrived. Hence, most shops would be shut, meaning attaining food and water would be difficult.
After the field I went way off course and ended up in a small town called Danzé, where I managed to pick up some food, learning that ‘Thon’ is French for tuna after ordering a thon quiche.

After this excursion I headed south to Vendôme, a pretty French town that had an arm of the river Loire running through, part of the much larger river I would soon join.
I had to get on a main road that connected Vendôme and Tours, then the cycle would be straightforward. Again I got lost seeking the road, (a frequent occurrence without GPS) and spend about an hour going round in circles and up hills in the rain. I began cursing everything and getting fed up. With no alternative, I had to seek a road and get moving if I was to make it to Tours, where I had a host willing to house me.

The main road that connects Vendôme and Tours, like any main road, is built for cars, not tourers, so once I found the road, I had to detour which took much longer. I got to the next town and decided to try and storm the main road again, but after about 10 minutes I decided it wasn’t worth it and got off, favouring quite roads going through small towns.
Luckily by this stage, the rain backed off, the sun came out, making a stab at drying things out and the cycling and views improved immensely.
It was probably one of the highlights of France for me, this little stretch to Tours, perhaps due to how miserable the day had been, but I was glad to be moving swiftly.

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