Day 29

Thurs 16th May
An extra day in Toulouse.

Despite not seeing much of Avia, she was very nice, welcoming and trusting. Like so many other hosts, she offered me an extra night. I realised I had enough time and took the day off.
I used the day to re-pack my panniers, dry everything and organise the next few days of the trip and book ahead with some hosts.

My strategy so far has been to aim for 3/4 days cycling and camping, then 1/2 nights with a host to break it up, give me a decent nights sleep, do washing and have a much-needed shower. This system works well and it seems that France is built for it, as all the big cities are about a three-day cycle from one another.
I tried desperately to organise a place to stay in Barcelona with friends, as paying for a room there for more than a week would ruin my funds.
I went shopping, stocked up and treated myself to a pizza. On returning to the flat, I realised there wasn’t an oven to cook it in.

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