Day 92

Thurs 18th July.
The Rothaus brewery. Eaten alive by bugs.

I made my way through the small jaunty towns and roads between where I camped and the Rothaus brewery. Although it was only a small distance, it took a long time as there were no direct roads. I dipped down into a village then head to climb out of it. I started using water fountains to top up on spring water and wash my head to cool down in the heat.

By midday I reached the brewery. Turns out it was on my GPS, so I could’ve looked for it on there and headed for it that way.
When I got there I had a quick look around the huge site that was home to one of Germany’s most loved beers. I parked the bike at the bar/restaurant they had site and enjoyed half a litre of their Weissbeir under some outdoor shade. There was a bratwurst stand nearby where I ordered sausage and chips and enjoyed the luxury of the two combined.



I caught up with some writing, ordered a smaller beer and enjoyed myself.
When it came to getting the beer had more of an impact then I expected. I was starting to realise that with weight I’d lost from cycling for three months, it’d probably effected my metabolism, which in short meant beer had a bigger impact on me.
I filled up on water and had a few more minor hills to tackle before I would start the descent out of the Black Forest and onto Lake Constance.

I went through Bonndorf and went to Lidl again for supplies. This time heading east out of the town and onto the plains that would take me towards the lake.
The ride to the lake took a few hours and crossed over some much needed flat land. Although I was immediately struck with how boring it was. The route was fairly simple and Germany’s roads were very accommodating to cyclists, often supplying a perfect tarmac path separate to the road offering stress-free cycling from traffic.
I reached the lake and to my surprise, I saw a man walking around with joggers pulled up over his stomach, out walking his two geese. This was one of the most absurd highlights of the trip.



I went to a McDonalds yet again for internet (Germany McDonalds had the best offer of one item of food and one drink for €2. Coffee was the choice in the mornings and coke in the evening) discovered I had a host for tomorrow, providing I get there in time.

I went onto the back paths and planned to camp soon. I passed some allotments and realised this would be the best place. Some people were out tending to their allotments but didn’t bother me. Nothing was unusual about this, until I got into the tall grass and crossed the field to the spot I had chosen to camp, when the grass unleashed swarms and swarms of mosquitoes.
I was used to mosquitoes by this point, but hadn’t had the task of having to setup camp and swat of mozzies at the same time. As soon as you squash the ones that you’ve already caught having dinner at your expense, you go back to putting up the tent. You feel the pinching feeling of a mosquito digging into your thigh again and you stop to flatten and destroy as many as you can.

It was a one sided battle and I was never going to beat nature by destroying all the mosquitoes in the land. I put the tent up as fast as was possible and hopped in, smacking my arms and legs removing anything that had joined me once inside the tent.
It was a horrible feeling, swarms of mosquitoes buzzing around, waiting for their turn to feast on your blood, and there was no escape other then the tent, which didn’t guarantee complete safety.
Despite my best efforts, one or two joined me in the tent for the night as when the morning came round, my right eye had swollen from a bite, making it look like a black eye that I could barely open.

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