Day 107

Fri 2nd Aug.
To the beach!!

I’d made plans to leave Italy as quickly as possible, hoping that Slovenia and Croatia might be cooler and make more tolerable for cycling. If not, I’d head north pronto into Austria and the mountains. I was sad to be leaving Italy soon, but I had no choice in this ballistic heat. I knew now to come back before or after the summer.

Marco left first thing in the morning. I packed up, said goodbye and thanked Isabella for taking me in and showing me Treviso, then headed out. My last Italian meal was a pizza in the centre, which was excellent and set me up for a days riding. I had ice cream after and it was so delicious I went back for seconds which made me feel sick.
I joined a small river on the way out which I followed for a few miles, reminding that cycling in Italy occasionally pleasant and unlike many of the roads I’d shared with cars. My plan now was to get to the coast and head east.
The ride to the coast was fairly uneventful accept for my second puncture. I stopped by an electric box, taking an hour to fix it. I pumped the tyre back up, ready to go and it went flat again on the same spot. My guess was I didn’t give the glue long enough to dry or perhaps it wasn’t drying in the heat.
I replaced the inner tube and studied where the puncture occurred for ideas on how to prevent it. This puncture was on the inside of the inner tube, not the out, so it wasn’t a normal puncture. It was happening from where the inner tube came into contact with the wheel, perhaps being pinched. Another ten minutes pumping up the new inner tube and I was back on the road.

I got to the small seaside town Caorle, picked up some food and went to the beach. It was getting late, but families were about enjoying the evening, people where dining. There was a mix of english, german and italian families that I noticed. I sat by the beach and looked at the sea, I could just about see Venice, miles away.
I had to move quickly to camp. I though about camping on the beach, but dismissed it. I went hunting around the back of the town and found a field by the road. I had to squeeze between two trucks to get into it, but once I was in it was fine. I got a good distance from the road and setup in some bushes.
Once again long dry grass was home to a nests of mosquitoes and I spent the next hour frantically swatting myself while trying to erect the tent and get in. Once in you had to spend a bit of time checking the tent for any that might have got in, which prevented me from sleeping and you could never be sure of the result. If you were unsuccessful, they always seemed to buzz around your ear to let you know they’d got in. If successful you would sleep unknowingly. Camping in Italy was a nightmare.

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