Day 120

Thurs 15th Aug.

My host had offered me to stay for an extra night if I needed it, on top of the two we agreed. I was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t really spare the time, but decided to stay and see more of this city.
I had no specific plans of what to do in Budapest. The main thing I’d heard about from people was the baths and the fact that you could still smoke indoors here, so I was looking forward to the baths. Friends of mine had been back in June and they sent me a list of places to check out that they liked, coffee places, food and bars mostly. Again I wasn’t in the mental to state to so a lot of sightseeing, but I did want to experience the city and get a feel for it, so I went in on the bike.
It took about ten minutes to get in from the suburb, but once I was in, it was like any other busy thriving city. I cut across a park and found a place to eat. The food was terrible and not particularly cheap for Hungary. I didn’t want to be had like that again. I went around the streets having a rough idea where I was going but mainly developing an understanding of the city before I do other things. I went to the famous Synagogue, before deciding to make the place on my list a priority so I didn’t feel like I had done nothing when I left.
I went to a run-down repurposed bar, that had more people in the taking photos of the place then it did people ordering. It was a nice place, but the staff were rude as hell. I went to get some food on the same street in Mexican place and quickly realised that this was the alternative/cool part of town were all the good bars and things would be. Good to know.
I went to the river and decided to stretch my legs on a bike path there that went a few km north, then I crossed the bridge and went a few km south. The views of the other side of the city were spectacular, namely the parliament building which the city is famous for. I went for a look around the parliament building and that area and found the main high street of the city, tourists, shops and restaurants in the streets. There was a good energy there, but I didn’t want to hang around.
I got back to my hosts place in the suburbs and relaxed for the evenings and decided to make sure I did the things I didn’t do today, tomorrow.

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