Day 126

Wed 21st Aug.
Vienna day two.

I found scales in Kurt’s apartment and weighed myself for the first time on the trip. They worked in kilos which I couldn’t fathom at the time. I weighed 72kg (around 11.4 stone). I knew I was probably around twelve stone before setting off on the trip. Although I had obviously lost weight, it was as much as I thought, or felt. Nothing really fitted me anymore other than my cycle stuff which is lycra and was a one size fits all as long as the elastic is good.

I decided to get my tick bite checked out as the area was red and looked irritated. I found a doctors that I could use through the internet and with some help from Kurt, but when I got there, there was a sign on the door. I couldn’t read it, but I assumed it said the were out. I had a coffee in a bar and did some writing and when I got back to Kurt, he realised it was holiday week for a lot of people. My dilemma would have to wait. I’d already researched the thing online and dug myself into a bit of worry and concern and I knew that it was slow-term and not immediate.
I went back out into the city, but really had very little to do. I hadn’t looked up any cool places to eat or drink and just decided to look around more urban parts of the city to see what life there was like. I needed to buy a Moleskine as I’d filled mine up. I looked around a few shops armed with my best german, but no-one had the right one.
I’d seen a place that sold Schnitzel. Something I’d heard about for years but never had. I wanted to try it, but wasn’t hungry when I was there. I got lost on the way back and saw a lot more of the city then I intended to, but when I asked Kurt about it, he said it was basically a type of meat, deep-fried in breadcrumbs and wasn’t anything special.
I hung out on the river and got some more bakery treats. You can always rely on german (or close enough to german) bakeries to delivery the goods. I stopped to eat it on the river and found myself doing the only thing I wanted to, which was play the latest game I was obsessed with on the iPad, ‘Flow’, a kind of dot-to-dot game. I was in Vienna and sat on a bench playing games. Something was wrong, but i didn’t really want to see anything, all I wanted to do was to get to Berlin so I could really relaxed.
I picked up a few of my favourite German beers and headed back to Kurt’s for another night of bad American TV, dubbed with German hoping I might learn a few words.

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